How To Fix WordPress White Screen Of Death

If you are in the same situation as following bloggers, you’ve probably met the white screen of death :

  • My WordPress website has just Updated it automatically wordpress 4.1 into 4.1.1 and I got blank screen. Can’t login.
  • Since this afternoon, I have not been able to access my site. I have a account where I manage my WP sites (all of which are self-hosted). Next to the site a label reads “Can’t Access This Site Data”. When I try to go to my site using Google Chrome or Safari, my site displays a blank white page.I am afraid that all of my site data will be lost and at this point I am not sure how to recover my posts/data.
  • Recently I updated a plugin and BAM the whole friggen site went white??? Can do nothing now !
  • I was updating the breadcrumbs settings of the SEO plugin. I went to add the breadcrumbs php to the functions page of my theme (Spun). After I clicked update, the website and admin pages went blank and now I cannot access them. Three days passed and can’t resolve the issue. I read some other forum discussions on the same topic that suggested manually deactivating the plugins through phpMyAdmin, so I did that, but still blank. I’ve also tried to access my FTP but it keeps saying that it cannot connect to the server.

Hoe to solve WordPress white screen of death ?

The white screen of death is really a frustrating situation when the blogger is left clueless with a blank page or ‘error establishing a database connection’ message. Sometimes it affects certain part of the blog, eg. page stops working or admin panel goes blank. The blank page error occurs mostly during installing/updating a plugin or theme.

Here are some quick solutions if you ever encounter WordPress white screen of death.

Blank website: If you have access to WordPress admin panel, then you can temporary disable the plugin or theme that caused the blank page. How to know ? Well, its probably the last plugin/theme you’ve just installed or updated.

Blank admin panel: If your admin panel shows white screen of death, you need an access to cPanel. Open file manger and go to plugin folder of your website. Here, rename that particular plugin folder name. For example, if a gallery plugin has caused the blank page, change it to gallery-old. You can do the same for theme (i.e changing folder name), if you think WordPress theme is causing a blank page. If you don’t have access to cPanel, you can also use ftp account to make changes. Then try to login to your WordPress dashboard.

Increase memory limit: Another solution would be to increase php memory limit. This is an advance subject, so you need to contact your web hosting provider.

Editing WordPress file: Open wp-config file from file manger and find following line :
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false);
Now change false to true. And save the file.
define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

The most common problem I’ve found is incompatibility among plugins. So, before I install any plugin, I read reviews and support section to know if the plugin is compatible with other plugins or not.

If you are still unable to recover from WordPress white screen of death, I can teach you how to recover.


One thought on “How To Fix WordPress White Screen Of Death

  1. hey i have the white screen of death and i know it was from uploading a child theme that did not work out so well. I have a localhost wamp server and winscp for my client ftp I need uploading my old theme. Thanks a million!!


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